Iduna´s Apples

Welcome to the apples of eternal youth and to a journey to yourself ...

Treasure Chest
Stories both written and spoken to empower you and to showcase the power of the runes. Fantasy created so that you can create reality from its wisdom. Stories and fairy tales are the keys to the kingdom of possibility and a mirror of who we are. They connect us to the wisdom of old, what we call spirituality in these modern times.

Northern Cosmology and a real big tree

Ymirs Sacrifice

The Creation of Sun and Moon

A Pocket Full Of Moonlight

And A Dream of Iron

The War and Peace of the Norse gods

The Silver Moon Wolf

The Horse Fair
A Pocket Full Of Moonlight
Freya and Swansong
Baldur´s Lament
A Song Of Fire
Hela´s Night

Ask and Embla - the first humans

Tyr And The Fenris Wolf

On the Origins of Halloween

Munin´s Flight
The Owl In The Moonlight

The Art of Petra Huetter
(Artwork gifted by friend)

Lion Kings and Queens

Horse With No Name

John Lennon


You Shall Not Pass

Moon Howlers

In accordance with Petra´s wishes you can currently only view thumbnails here. If you are interested in a cost-free download – or more of her work – then please contact me at
No hidden costs, I just respect the wishes of a friend here.