Iduna´s Apples

Welcome to the apples of eternal youth and to a journey to yourself ...

Voenix is the pen name of a visual artist, writer, mythology expect and practicing shaman / master of ceremonies for shamanic groups. More than twenty years ago I came across his artwork, books for of pictures that brought not just one but several ancient pantheons to life, accompanied but well-researched background information about the gods and goddesses, heroes and mythical creatures. He also wrote books with fiction about Wotan / Odin, Freya, Thor and Loki weaving his own imagination into the tales already known.

These days he has gone beyond that. He is an active shaman now leading ceremonies, organizing healing circles, doing one-to-one healing and creating new works of art in the form of wooden masks and idols. He also owns two German-speaking YouTube channels. One that shows documentaries and interviews related to the old heathen ways and environmental protection and a second channel that features mostly art and cultural projects that are close to his heart.

He is my hero for the journey he undertook beyond mainstream society back to our roots, back to an understanding of the old ways that is far beyond intellectual pursuit towards becoming a spiritual king and priest, a leader of others on their path. 

If you can read German here is his site: