Iduna´s Apples

Welcome to the apples of eternal youth and to a journey to yourself ...

This statement sums up what my teacher and guide Magin Rose Cunningham is for me.

After mastering several personal tragedies that would have traumatized most people including the author of these lines she was in the midst of a highly successful and highly respected career in higher education. At this point Magin left this career behind and opened a shamanic practice. For years she carried the burden of hiding an important part of her underneath a cloak and never being able to reveal all she was because there was prejustice in the academic world for what she knew was right and real, a pressure only compounded by the obvious financial risks of being self-employed. There are those in her old profession who don't understand, and those who occasionally laughed and some who believed passionately that spirituality had no place in academia.  Nevertheless, Magin stepped forward and shared her website, her work and her beliefs with the world. She found not only much support but perhaps even more importantly much respect for her ever-inquiring, never-resting free spirit. 

Years later …

The career in higher education and the scorn of those peers who would not understand is a memory now. The vision was right from the start and Magin has become a person who sometimes does not realize herself what she is capable of. May this entry in my heroine section serve as a reminder of her (magin)nificence if she ever read it. 

Magin is a teacher but not only in all things regarding runes or shamanic practice.

She is bravery and sacrifice, total commitment and integrity, all so deeply ingrained into the marrow of her bones that she upholds her convictions, her values and her ideals even while facing an unforgiving business world. I know from personal experience that she passes opportunities to make quick money the unethical way to stay true to her core. At the same time she is not someone to take advantage of. She is Tyr who cannot be broken and she is Hela who forged her own queendom with her own hands. 

That is what Magin taught me through the last 14 months (as of the time of this writing). It is the invaluable lesson how to live our lives and how to stick to the vision, no matter what the personal cost may be, no matter how difficult it gets and no matter how hard the storm wind and the hail blow into your face. She will teach you not only the right thing to do but the righteous thing to do. 

This is why I bow before her as the queen she is. If you know her or have the chance to meet her I would suggest (and of course this is only a suggestion) that you hang from her lips because every word is ambrosia that heals, frankinsence that sanctifies and honey wine to get drunk from...

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"I dream of a world where people of all faiths, spiritualities and beliefs share a deep reverence for our planet. Where our leaders use their power to promote care and curiosity between all peoples. Where heart and head, intuition and intellect combine within and between us to ensure an abundant, green Earth from which we will one day reach the stars. "
Maggie rose cunningham - founder