Iduna´s Apples

Welcome to the apples of eternal youth and to a journey to yourself ...

The Horns Of The Moon
Weekly wisdom, classes and workshops about a spirituality that at first seems specifically masculine and still for all genders because being untamed and free but wise and mature at the same time is open to everyone) To provide you a maximum of teamwork with other students in the workshops, teh whole program unlocks at Mdsummer June 21st 2023. A timetable of live Zoom events will be provided to all students.
The Men and The Moon
Hunter – Gatherer – Provider
The Juvenile Hero
Every man a wolf?
The Bull of Heaven
The Brotherhood of the Round Tables
The stag in love
First Death (first rite of passage)
More than Three Kings
Uneasy lies the Staged Crown (modern day challenges for men)
Second Death (the Tyr experience / second rite of passage)
Priesthood beyond proof
The Teacher and the Grandfather
The Stag in Winter (mysteries of our own mortality)

Gallery of Heroes

Audie Murphy

Cheiron / Chiron

The Green Man





Gilgamesch and Enkidu

King Theoden

Wilfried Storl (ethnobotanist and de-facto shaman)

Voenix (visual artist, writer, shaman)




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