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Introducing Neverending Whispers - A Journey into the Runes of the Elder Futhark

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey that will connect you with ancient wisdom and unlock your inner divinity? Look no further than Neverending Whispers - the ultimate course that takes you deep into the twenty-five runes of the Elder Futhark.
Imagine a year-long adventure where the runes become more than just symbols on a page. They become an integral part of your being, physically, mentally, and spiritually. With each passing week, their wisdom and power infuse your life, bringing back magic and divine energy that has long been forgotten.
When you subscribe to the journey every two weeks one rune will be unlocked for you. That is intentional because the Neverending Whispers are not meant to be consumed on the fly. You will need time to absorb the mystery. If you cannot get used to that idea and it really does not resonate with you then honestly the Neverending Whispers are not for you. You really will need the time assimilate the runes.
When you subscribe to Neverending Whispers you receive a PDF every two weeks starting with the rune of the next full half-month that you subscribed to.

Below you will find the starting date of each runic half-month:

Runic half-month        start date* Rune
January 13                  Perdhro
January 28                  Elhaz
February 12                 Sowilo
February 27                 Teiwaz
March 14                     Berkano
March 30                     Ehwaz
April 14                        Mannaz
April 29                        Laguz
May 14                         Inguz
May 29                        Othala
June 14                       Dagaz
June 29                       Fehu
July 14                         Uruz
July 29                         Thurisaz
August 13                   Ansuz
August 29                   Raidho
September 13            Kenaz
September 28            Gebo
October 13                 Wunjo
October 28                 Hagalaz
November 13             Naudhiz
November 28             Isa
December 13            Jera
December 28            Eihwaz

After a lot of contemplation (and work to get the course material ready) I figured that it is best to start the journey that is Neverending Whispers on June 29th for all interested subscribers. Yes, this has some organizational benefits for me. The real reason however, is that FEHU is the first rune of the Elder Futhark alphabet and the runes reveal their wisdom and power progressively.

IMPORTANT:  That does not mean you need a specific knowledge or background to be “qualified” to begin the journey. We are all qualified by birthright.

It just means that runes that come later in the Futhark alphabet are much easier to digest and harness when you already explored the earlier ones.

Neverending Whispers is not a quick fix or step-by-step program. It is a profound magical transformation that delves deep into the core of your being. It demands dedication and courage, especially when facing ourselves. But trust me when we say that the rewards are unprecedented. By awakening our innermost divinity, we unleash our true potential and find fulfillment like never before.

Neverending Whispers id built around the preservation of ancient traditions. That's why the approach goes beyond written materials. You get a PDF for one rune every two weeks. But that is only the beginning Following the footsteps of our ancestors, we share this knowledge through personal experiences. Whether it's one-on-one guidance or intimate group sessions, we tailor our teachings to meet your wishes and needs.

Remember, words alone won't bring this course alive; it's our actions together that make it truly transformative. But the spoken word rather than the written one is where it all begins. Join us as we revive the ancient art of oral storytelling around campfires and hearth fires – an immersive experience like no other.

Neverending Whispers - A Deep Personal Dive in the Runes of the Elder Futhark. This is your opportunity to awaken the magic within. Don't miss out on this enchanting journey. Take the plunge and embrace the whispers of the past. Let the runes guide you towards a future filled with wisdom, power, and infinite possibilities. It fulfills the promise that you can awake the Divine in You, starting from day one.

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