Iduna´s Apples

Welcome to the apples of eternal youth and to a journey to yourself ...

Neverending Whispers…… a journey into the Unknown

… a journey into ancient wisdom
… a journey to Ourselves to reclaim our very own Divinity

Big words for sure. Can I deliver?

The truth is we can only deliver together. That is the nature of things when I talk about reclaiming Your very own Divinity (and “Your” starts with a capital letter for a reason)

I cannot utter a blessing and suddenly your life changes. Yes, those offers are out there but I haven´t seen one of them that really works.

What I can do is be your host and your guide when you discover one of the most fundamental forces of the universe - the runes of the Northern tradition to empower you. The runes can make you walk tall and withstand the storms of life. They can make you feel proud of yourself and show you your greatness. And yes, the can literally work magic and provide healing on many levels. Hey are alive and sorcerous.

What does it mean on a practical level?

• being able to deal with trauma of the past be it physical, mental or spiritual
• being able to master your thoughts rather than being mastered by them
• being able to master your emotions as well
• being able to withstand and eliminate anxiety, panic, restlessness through the two aforementioned abilities
• living a life rather then being lived
• being able to see life as an adventure - even an epic one - to enjoy and have fun with
• being able to come in contact with and get advise from the Divine
• and yes, being able to work real magic as well, not Harry Potter style but really changing reality in your favor

But such things do not come easily. They certainly did not come easy for me.

So Neverending Whispers is a year-long journey, a commitment for twelve months to learn about the runes, starting June 29th. There is a reason for both the length of the program and the starting point that may seem very far away depending on when you read these lines (written on Spring Equinox 2024 - March 20th).

Why a whole year?

Because to be honest the runes are not for the faint of heart. They are not an intellectual pursuit. Of course you need an intellectual background because knowing and understanding what you do is always a good idea. Neverending Whispers provides for that to make sure that you are not learning the Chimpanzee way in the style of “You press this button and out comes a banana.” That would be downright dangerous.

So you get academic understanding. But it not stop there. The runes are alive. they possess an instinctive intelligence and have agendas. So they get into your body, your nervous system, your soul. The become a part of you, not in the sense of invasion and mind control but in the sense of a symbiosis. The runes are friendly and want to help us. From my own experience I know however, that our physical bodies need time to adjust and to absorb what the runes have to offer. Our ears need time until we can comprehend their whispers. This is not malice, just a limitation of the body. Over the course of a year you can slowly and smoothly learn to listen to the whispers of wisdom.

Why June 29th and not earlier?

We are working with the runes of the Elder Futhark and the first rune of that runic alphabet is Fehu. It makes sense to start there and work through the runes in the same order as they appear in the Futhark alphabet because their energies built on each other. The very order of the Futhark provides a progressive learning experience and an upward spiral of understanding. If you are familiar with the Tarot it is a bit like the Fools/Heroes Journey.

The other fact to take into consideration is that the 24 runes of the Elder Futhark form a Zodiac of their own with each runes corresponding to one halfmonth of our Gregorian calendar. The Fehu rune rules over the two weeks starting from June 29th. So that is why Neverending Whispers starts on June 29th the first day of the runic halfmonth of the first rune.

I´ve tried other approaches which is one reason why I didn´t give birth to Neverending Whispers sooner. The other approaches simply don´t work. I have no better explanation for it than that other ways simply are not aligned with the way things should be done. This is something we discuss in more depth when we come to runes like Raidho and Jera that are all about natural cycles and proper timing.

So here I am inviting you to listen to the Neverending Whispers. I walked that path already which qualifies me to be your guide and allows me to vouch for the fact how truly amazing the Northern runes really are.

Join Neverending Whispers and a year later you know for sure that it is true because the runes will be a part of you.

If you have any questions contact me using the "Email Me" link below