Iduna´s Apples

Welcome to the apples of eternal youth and to a journey to yourself ...

Hecate´s Labyrinth

Weekly wisdom, classes and workshops to get to know the Queen of Witches and Mistress of Tempests, my most honored guide outside of the Northern Nine Worlds) To provide you a maximum of teamwork with other students in the workshops, the whole program unlocks at Midsummer June 21st 2023. A timetable of live Zoom events will be provided to all students. 

Hecate – She Who Is The Key That Unlocks
Hecate´s Garden
Hecate and the HAGALAZ rune – a tempestuous affair
Pathworking with Hecate
Her sacred animals as guides

Gallery of Heroines



Katharina Fischer and Helene Nunius


Hildegard of Bingen


Book a 50 minute personal session  (for any of the above topics)