Iduna´s Apples

Welcome to the apples of eternal youth and to a journey to yourself ...

The Excel sheet does not add up…

That is where I come from, two academic degrees in business and finance, three decades in accounting and controlling. It can be interesting actually, especially if you spearhead projects or lead teams without the benefit of hierarchical power.

I enjoyed it for a long time at least enough that my fifteen years of pursuit into shamanism, alternative medicine and healing arts was in the comfort zone of a hobby just like Tarot card reading. For a long time I really found it totally normal to be closet shaman, offering my insights to people around me to practice some sort of healing without ever mentioning the source the suggestions come from.
It took a deep fall, a crash and a burn of burnout triggered by a silent and sneaky combo of too much work, silver-tongued lies by people I trusted, too many of them taking advantage of me, smiling in my face and laughing at me when I turned my back on them to make me realize that I had chained myself up for way too long.

In the harsh, cold light of that gut-knotting insight I also had to see that that was not alone in two ways.
For one I had a guide to lead me back to being alive and not just to mere existence.

But this unforgiving white light that made me see that there were others out there, some still a step away from the abyss I had found myself in, some on their way of falling down and some much worse than me because they had crashed too but had not found the guide out of the dark night of the soul just willow wisps to lead them astray.

“Over and out” that was the last text from an ex-soldier struggling with alcohol before he killed himself.

Through the guide I was gifted with it worked out for me and I realized that I had no right to hide my own skills that could have saved me a lot earlier. I had no right to remain in the closet anymore, not if I assigned any value to my life or that of others.

So I came forward finally and offer my guidance so that others can again burn with life instead of burning out like cinder for the benefit of someone else.

It does not matter if it is a problem in your job, in your relationship or an inner demon you are wrestling with. I can guide you because I was there and found the way back.

My mission and vision is to give you back your aliveness and help you steer your life into the direction you desire. I´ve been there. It can be done. I want to see more people come back from hell. And I want to be part of their way back. Beyond that it is the vision and mission of a world where people pick each other up with compassion instead of dragging each other down with egoism. It is a world where men are righteous warriors, kings and priests and not wild beasts. A world where women can walk free as the goddesses they are without fear.

Most of all however, it is a world where this mission is no longer needed because it is commonplace reality and where healers like me are out of work

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