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Bad cards (Part One)

Is there such a thing as a bad card in the Tarot. [Read More…]

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Rattling sabers and blindfolded ladies

The Tarot contains several cards which are usually seen as „negative“, the most prominent ones being Death, the Devil and the Tower. [Read More…]

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Blossoming wands

What is the power of the wands. [Read More…]

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The Moon and the Fool who howls at it

On my website I have written a lot about how I fell in love with the Tarot, how I wanted a peek at the future and how the accuracy of the cards never ceased to amaze me. [Read More…]

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Why it is (sometimes ) good to be a fool (The Fool)

“You´re a fool!”

Do you like being called such a name. [Read More…]

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