Iduna´s Apples

Welcome to the apples of eternal youth and to a journey to yourself ...

Skuld´s Firebow
(classes and workshops about Your Self) – Classes are meant for self-study with accompanying live workshops. To provide you a maximum of teamwork with other students in the workshops, teh whole program unlocks at Midsummer June 21st 2023. A timetable of live Zoom events will be provided to all students.

An Introduction first or What awaits you?

Norse mythology and the Nine Worlds
The Gods and Goddesses and what they mean
The Fates
The Runes

Self Love
Why Love yourself First?
The Self-Love Toolbox - Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Rock Bottom
The Deepest Pit
The Firebow – The Power of NAUTHIZ
I AM – the Power of ISA
Î Deserve Better –The Power of WUNJO
Other Firecrackers

The Fire Of Live
Burning Bright – The Power of FEHU
The Forge – The Power of KENAZ
The Sun – The Power of SOWILO
Make Believe – The Power of ANSUZ
Spiritual Warrior – The Power of TEIWAZ

Neverending Whispers – The Full Circle OF Runes (deep-dive program subscribers only)

Book a 50 minute personal workshop  (for any of the above topics)

Neverending Whispers

The full circle of runes (deep-dive program - separate subscribtion required)

Neverending Whispers is more than practical hands-on runework. It is the deep dive into the mystical side of the runes beyond using them into being them, elevating the runes from helpers that are separate from you into a part of your being. Please subscribe to this separately as it covers all of the above topics and a whole lot more.

Contact me through the "Email Me" link just below for more information or to join Neverending Whispers

Introduction to Neverending Whispers (please read first before you subscribe)