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The Moon and the Fool who howls at it

On my website I have written a lot about how I fell in love with the Tarot, how I wanted a peek at the future and how the accuracy of the cards never ceased to amaze me.

All that is true.

But when I´m totally honest with myself and you the reason why I continued with the cards over the years goes deeper.
In the summer of 1987 I graduated from High School (the German equivalent of High School anyway) and somehow I could never forget the last sentence our physics teacher said to us when the last bell ended the very last physics lesson. It wasn´t something about Newton, about gravity or the speed of light. It was a sentence that still rings in my ears over thirty years later.

“Now go out and make a better world.”

The man was much more than a physicist.  He had a code of ethics that had nothing to do with political correctness and everything with the deepest respect for humanity and life. Actually in retrospect I think he was much more of a philosopher than a “hard” scientist. When I think some more I think this was one of the formative moments of my life, something that defined me even if it took me decades to really realize it.

At the core of it all the Tarot can help me make the world a little better by helping people to transform their own life the way they want and to become the best possible version of themselves.

And boy, is that a good feeling.

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