Tarot Readings...
Welcome to a journey to yourself and to miracles that are possible... It´s all in the cards...

My services: Tarot readings, coaching and a bit of witchcraft...

A note on privacy:

Fool proof Tarot

My services

10,00 $One-Liner
1 card draw
35,00 $Gaze into the crystal ball
a peek into the most likely future.
50,00 $Tarot Business
an intuitive business plan
60,00 $Self-Reflection
Journey to yourself
65,00 $Empowerment
This is when Tarot really becomes more than fortune telling

Most people who consult a tarot reader do so because they seek advice on an issue in their lives. Some of these issues are very personal and sensitive. For that reason I will NEVER make any part of a conversation with a client or any part of a reading available online. I do not use clouds or internet servers for the storage of such information either.

As far as I am concerned only my clients are entitled to make their private lives anything else than private.