Tarot Readings...
Welcome to a journey to yourself and to miracles that are possible... It´s all in the cards...

Tarot, Tarot readings, card spreads, coaching and fools ... how it all started

Good day! My name is Marco.

What makes me read Tarot cards?

It started with curiosity. I had read that cards could predict the future. Like most of us I wanted a glimpse at my future before it became the present. So around ten years ago I bought my first Tarot deck and started to read for myself. In the beginning I did horoscope spreads and asked the cards questions regarding daily life. I did a lot of "Cards of the Day" too. More or less it was a hobby, a way to pass the time. But after a while I realized that the cards were right. The things that I saw in the card spreads really happened. Those were no self-Fulfilling  prophecies" as I made it a point to compare the cards against real life only in retrospect when I had already forgotten about the readings. The synchronicity was there and the "coincidences" happened so frequently that they defied any mathematical probability or any chance of blind luck.

So I started to read for friends as well. Just a party trick at first, nothing more. Only the cards were still right. What I saw in the readings still happened.

Around that time I got into shamanism, witchcraft, Reiki and runes. Suddenly all these things came together.  and I ... well I came out of the closet with my readings. I started to read online for complete strangers and once again the cards stayed true.

So here I am on my own journey of the (wise) fool and I invite you to join me for a few steps of the way. I´m honored by your company.